We strive to meet every need of our customers, and this has led to several long-term relationships. Since 1987, SPI has been a Tier 2 supplier for Stanley Electric U.S. Co. We have also been involved in mold design, development and mass production of finished goods for Huffy Bicycles, Marketing Displays International,  Tuf-Tug Products, and Siemens Water Technologies, just to name a few.

 While there are many molders with similar capabilities, we believe our experience and team concept towards problem solving allows for quick lead-times, and most importantly competitive prices. If you have any products, new or in production that we may be able to assist you with, please contact us to see what Springfield Plastics can do for you.

 Markets we are currently serving include:

Hardware, Automotive, Advertising,        Motorcycle and Lawn Equipment.

Springfield Plastics, Inc.